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At Corbett Law in Scranton, PA, we specialize in providing top-tier legal representation for personal injury victims. If an accident has left you or a loved one injured, you need a law firm with a track record of success, and that’s where we excel.

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Why Choose Corbett Law:

  • Experience and Expertise: With years of dedicated service in personal injury law, our team brings together a wealth of knowledge that has benefited countless clients in Scranton and beyond.
  • Client-Centric Approach: We don’t just represent; we care. Every client, every case, receives tailored attention ensuring that we’re always acting in your best interest.
  • Aggressive Representation: Corbett Law is synonymous with resilience. We’ll leave no stone unturned to get you the rightful compensation you deserve.

Areas of Expertise

Whether it’s a vehicular accident or medical negligence, Corbett Law is adept at handling a myriad of personal injury cases, including:


Car and Motorcycle Accidents


Slip and Fall Incidents


Medical Malpractice


On-the-job Injuries


Wrongful Death Cases

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For unparalleled personal injury legal representation in Scranton, PA, reach out to Corbett Law. Our team is ready and waiting to help you navigate these trying times. Let us be your beacon.

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